Euler function

Euler function
функция Эйлера

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  • Euler function — For other meanings, see List of topics named after Leonhard Euler .In mathematics, the Euler function is given by:phi(q)=prod {k=1}^infty (1 q^k).Named after Leonhard Euler, it is a prototypical example of a q series, a modular form, and provides …   Wikipedia

  • Euler integral — In mathematics, there are two types of Euler integral: # Euler integral of the first kind : the Beta function mathrm{Beta}(x,y)= int 0^1t^{x 1}(1 t)^{y 1},dt =frac{Gamma(x)Gamma(y)}{Gamma(x+y)} # Euler integral of the second kind : the Gamma… …   Wikipedia

  • Euler's equations (rigid body dynamics) — This page discusses rigid body dynamics. For other uses, see Euler function (disambiguation). In physics, Euler s equations describe the rotation of a rigid body in a frame of reference fixed in the rotating body:egin{matrix}I 1dot{omega} {1}+(I …   Wikipedia

  • Euler–Mascheroni constant — Euler s constant redirects here. For the base of the natural logarithm, e ≈ 2.718..., see e (mathematical constant). The area of the blue region is equal to the Euler–Mascheroni constant. List of numbers – Irrational and suspected irrational… …   Wikipedia

  • Euler-Bernoulli beam equation — Euler Bernoulli beam theory, or just beam theory, is a simplification of the linear theory of elasticity which provides a means of calculating the load carrying and deflection characteristics of beams. It was first enunciated circa 1750, but was… …   Wikipedia

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  • Euler's formula — This article is about Euler s formula in complex analysis. For Euler s formula in algebraic topology and polyhedral combinatorics see Euler characteristic.   Part of a series of articles on The mathematical constant e …   Wikipedia

  • Euler's totient function — For other functions named after Euler, see List of topics named after Leonhard Euler. The first thousand values of φ(n) In number theory, the totient φ(n) of a positive integer n is defined to be the number of positive integers less than or equal …   Wikipedia

  • Euler–Lagrange equation — In calculus of variations, the Euler–Lagrange equation, or Lagrange s equation is a differential equation whose solutions are the functions for which a given functional is stationary. It was developed by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler and… …   Wikipedia

  • Euler–Maclaurin formula — In mathematics, the Euler–Maclaurin formula provides a powerful connection between integrals (see calculus) and sums. It can be used to approximate integrals by finite sums, or conversely to evaluate finite sums and infinite series using… …   Wikipedia

  • Euler's three-body problem — In physics and astronomy, Euler s three body problem is to solve for the motion of a particle that is acted upon by the gravitational field of two other point masses that are either fixed in space or move in circular coplanar orbits about their… …   Wikipedia


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